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AVS Computer Services

We are AVS Technologies Incorporated dba AVS Computer Services. The company was started in November 2001 following the economic down turn that hit the technology sector after 9/11. The company was founded in Alpharetta, Georgia by Vernon Harris after leaving his job as a engineer/ product manager in the telecommunications industry.Vernon has over 25 years of real world work experience in the information technology industry and has a background in engineering and product development. What started out as a hobby to build his own computer in the early 1980's quickly became his passion and career. Vernon is president and founder of AVS Computer Services, which incorporated as AVS Technologies Incorporated in March 2007.We provide on-site technical support as well as a complete suite of technology-based applications and business solutions.


Computer networking - Wired or Wireless
Custom Computers and Servers
Disaster Recovery & Planning
Preventive Maintenance
Remote or On-site Computer Support
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