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LOCAL PROFILE: Clayton County Commission Chairman, Eldrin Bell

JONESBORO, Ga. -- Eldrin Bell is a local legend in Atlanta local law enforcement and politics.

Recently, the Where U Live spoke with him about his history in Atlanta and his current position in Clayton County.

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

ATLANTA -- With Georgia's unemployment rate remaining in double digits, 11Alive journalists are busy digging into three programs that promised to create jobs.

One of them is the federal stimulus program.

According to the state's Stimulus Accountability website, the federal government has granted Georgia approximately $3.2 billion in stimulus funds. Georgia's unemployment rate was around 8.8 percent just prior to the start of the stimulus program. Two years later, unemployment has risen to the current rate of 10.1 percent.

Where are the stimulus jobs?

In Paulding County, the stimulus program is getting mixed reviews.

Paulding County has received approximately $46 million in federal stimulus funds. The unemployment rate there was 6 percent in 2008 before the stimulus program. Unemployment in Paulding has risen to its current rate of 10.6 percent.

1,901 Georgia elected officials failed to file disclosures on time

1,901 Georgia elected officials failed to file disclosures on time

ROSWELL-- One thousand nine hundred and one elected officials in Georgia missed a deadline to disclose their campaign finances by June 30, according to the state Ethics Commission. 

Most of them are down-ballot politicians little-known outside their locales.  11Alive News obtained the list after filing a request under the Georgia Open Records Act.

RELATED: List of non/late-filers as of June 30, 2011

One of those named is the mayor of Roswell.

"I thought I'd filed everything, so it's a surprise," said Mayor Jere Wood.  "I'll have to look into it," he said after an 11Alive News reporter informed Wood of his presence on the list.

Is legislative redistricting "transparent?"

Is legislative redistricting "transparent?"

ATLANTA -- It may be to the state Capitol what Area 51 is to the Nevada desert -- a place shrouded in mystery, with red letters warning against entry, and black curtains blocking the glass.

It's next to the reapportionment committee office. It's the room where the maps are made.

"They've got computers in there, a lot of equipment and stuff," said Rep. Roger Lane, chairman of the House Reapportionment Committee. Lane couldn't explain why the windows were blacked out, though. "I didn't do it. I don't know."

The maps are the legislative boundaries, redrawn during a special session of the legislature based on 2010 census data. The process, behind the glass, is touted by Republicans as "transparent."

"It's been the most transparency I've seen in the system in twenty years," said Sen. Don Balfour, Republican chairman of the Rules Committee.

County Administrator sets 30-day goals...Let us know if you think he is meeting them?

County Administrator sets 30-day goals...Let us know if you think he is  meeting them?

Hall County -- 

I have the tremendous honor of now serving as County Administrator. Serving in local government is an honorable and noble profession. I approach this new position with a great deal of humility and purpose.

I am acutely aware of the many challenges we currently face. With that in mind, I have set certain goals to be accomplished in the next 30-day period. These goals are intended to focus our efforts on providing additional efficiency and service to Hall County citizens.

Our mission as a county government is to provide a high level of service to the residents of this great community.

Hall County offices closed Aug. 8

Hall County offices closed Aug. 8

Hall County, GA --  This is a reminder that Hall County Government’s administrative offices, courts and community centers will be closed Monday, Aug. 8, 2011, for an employee furlough day.

Essential public safety and public works personnel will continue service as usual during the furlough. The landfill and compactor sites will remain open.

Save the dates: Taxes due Oct. 1 and Dec. 1

Save the dates: Taxes due Oct. 1 and Dec. 1

Hall County Tax Commissioner Keith Echols will mail 84,000 property tax bills on Aug. 1. This is the first year property owners have the option to pay county taxes in two installments.

County residents will receive a single tax bill for the full year's taxes. That bill is payable in two equal installments. The first installment is due Oct. 1, and at least half of the total must be paid at this time to avoid paying 1 percent interest per month. The rest of the bill is due Dec. 1. Taxpayers will not receive a second bill when the second installment is due.

“It is very important that you pay your bill on time to avoid penalties and interest. So remember the two due dates this year: Pay at least half of your bill by Oct. 1, and pay the rest by Dec. 1,” Echols said.

If the entire amount is not paid by Dec. 1, the taxpayer will be charged 1 percent interest per month until the bill is paid.