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Vibrating Gwinnett Co. homes mystify neighbors | News

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Vibrating Gwinnett Co. homes mystify neighbors

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- It is a steady staccato beat, unerring and continuous. Just low enough in frequency to be annoying, yet strong enough to literally shake a house. 

Several in fact. 

Nerves too have been shaken in this community along Little Mill Road in Gwinnett County, when neighbors awoke to the strange vibrations. 

"This is my wine cooler," said resident Gayle Akana, demonstrating the way the appliance vibrates. "And if you (touch it), it stops. And that's what happened with the vibration when we like pressed against the wall or bed." 

Akana says her house shook for six hours. 

"It was just shaking like crazy," Akana said. "It was real quick; I can't even replicate the sound it was making. It was just a constant shaking."

At first she thought there was a problem with the pump or pipes in her backyard pond. But a quick check there showed nothing but sleeping koi. That's when she went to the computer and noticed that Facebook started blowing up with other neighbors reporting the same mysterious phenomenon. 

"The door on the medicine cabinet was vibrating at a constant speed," said neighbor Kurt Barr. "And I'm listening to it and I'm like 'Oh, wow!' And as I look around I can tell that the whole house is literally doing the same thing." 

Calls to local utilities and the nearby landfill indicated no problems in the area. And the affected homes ranged in distance from right next door to each other to a half mile away. 

"I got everything from ghosts to water pressure, things like that," said neighbor Michelle Hord, who used her cell phone to capture the sound by placing it next to the wall. 

"It was vibrating constantly for a while," she said. "It started about 3 a.m. and woke my husband and myself up. We were just trying to find where it was coming from." 

The good news is there were no reports of any damage. 

11Alive News called over to the Tellus Science Museum and asked them to check the seismograph: no earthquake activity in the area. The same residents felt it when that quake hit in South Carolina a couple of weeks back. 

So the mystery remains tonight... 

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