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6 ways to save On Halloween decorations | Families

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6 ways to save On Halloween decorations
6 ways to save On Halloween decorations

ATLANTA -- Every year there are millions of dollars spent on Halloween, from costumes, snacks and candy to decorations.

Hopefully after reading this, you will be able to save a ton on Halloween decor for your yard and home.

Reuse what you have: One of the things you should do first is check out the items you already have in the house. A lot of the time, we have items that are perfect for a holiday but have forgotten about them over the years.

Shop after the holiday:  If you are able to afford it, this is the perfect time to shop because everything is hugely discounted. 

Shop dollar stores: The dollar stores are known for their cute and cheap decor. 

Check out your local thrift store: The local thrift store will have a ton of old decor that’s perfect for adding your own little touches to make unique centerpieces or home decor. 

Get your Martha Stewart on (DIY): Why not? There are some great ideas on Pinterest, including my DIY Halloween Board

Trade out: You and your friends can switch out decorations to help spice you your look.

For more money saving tips, check out my site Pretty Frugal Diva

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