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Homeowners can help by fixing water leaks | Community Spirit

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Homeowners can help by fixing water leaks
 Homeowners can help by fixing water leaks

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- (submitted by the Gwinnett County Government) Gwinnett water officials are urging homeowners to check for common leaks in toilets, faucets and underground irrigation systems as the county continues to conserve its water usage.

“A slow leak in a toilet can waste 10,000 gallons a year – enough to fill a backyard swimming pool,” says Lynn Smarr, Acting Director of Water Resources. She says putting a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank will reveal a flapper-valve leak if the coloring shows up in the bowl within 10 minutes. The County also offers a rebate program to encourage replacing pre-1993 toilets that use 3.5 gallons/flush with new WaterSense models that use only 1.28 gallons.

All Gwinnett water meters have a small black triangle that spins when even a tiny amount of water is going through the meter. Smarr said a spinning triangle when no water is being used means there’s a leak somewhere on the homeowner’s side of the meter. Underground leaks in the water line to the house or a sprinkler system can waste lots of water without the owner’s knowledge. If a family of four is using more than 10 – 12,000 gallons a month, they should definitely check for leaks, she said.

“These simple checks can save some property owners a lot of money on their water bills while helping conserve a precious resource,” Smarr added. The local effort is part of a national Fix a Leak Week program, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Homeowner’s associations, schools or community groups interested in helping save water can contact Conservation Coordinator Heather Moody by e-mail at dwrconserve@gwinnettcounty.com or by calling 678.376.6722. More information is also available online at www.gwinnetth2o.com.

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